Athletes Saving Athletes, Again.
This past month has been crazy busy and animations seem to be stacking up in my project queue. Within those projects I got the chance to work with Athletes Saving Athletes again. This was also my first opportunity to work with DUIK. If you don't know what DUIK is you should definitely check it out as it is one of the best systems to rig charactrs in After Effects. Surely this tool will become a staple for future animations.

For more information on head and neck injuries or to learn more about Athletes Saving Athletes, check out their website here.

Suzie's Autumnal Equinox Photos
These are some of the photos from a yearly event that Suzie's Farm puts on and which I designed collateral for. They are of a dinner at the center of a sunflower maze.

Photos from Suzie's Farm's.

Vacation and Projects
Here are a few projects I've been working on in the last few weeks including my first project based out of Mexico (INM Viajero Confiable)

I got the chance to travel down to Chiapas and Quintana Roo to see the pyramids and beaches with a friend in July. I took my little point and shoot with me and took some video and put this video together to remember it by.

Gringo Loco
This is my friend's band playing at a jazz club, Zinco, in Mexico City. My friend Paul Escalante and I grabbed our recording equipment, headed down to the club and drank some beers while recording.

Check out Paul's other work here.

Viajero Confiable
Working on my first project down here was challenging yet rewarding. Viajero Confiable is the Mexico's new way of allowing airline passengers to pass through customs faster at the airport. Below is the logo animation and instructional animation respectively.

Suzie's Farm Animations
Here are some animations I'm doing in collaboration with my good friends over at Videa for Suzie's Farm's upcoming 2nd Annual Autumnal Equinox Dinner

Check out the full promotional video by the Videa Collective here. Or for more information on the 2nd Annual Autumnal Equinox Dinner visit Suzie's Farm's Website.

Making pictures come to life
This animation was inspired by some concept artwork that a creative friend sent me.

Original Artwork by Che Lopez

The End Is Near
This is my last week in the United States for awhile. I'm heading down to Mexico (and hopefully beyond) to live life and travel.

A play on the Mayan Prophecy.

Three new Logo Animations
These animations were made under the creative direction of our creative friends over at Videa Collective for their clients: 5210 San Diego, California Center for Sustainable Energy and Givit

Check out all these animations in action at Videa Collective's Vimeo page.

Panel Claw HUD
Assets created for motion graphics, created by White Gorilla Media, to introduce the different solar panels that Panel Claw sell.


Compositing Test for Students
This is a compositing test I put together for a series of compositing workshops I did for the Media Arts Center. The students were required to extend the matte, set up a 3D camera move and find a way to create their own alphas for the visual effects I supplied. Unfortunately none of the students came close to completing the test but one was pretty sure that "it's just the Ken Burns effect with some asteroids." - thanks iPhoto. My apologies to the creator of the artwork, I forgot who made this beautiful painting.

Anyone interested in learning more about compositing or many other multimedia subjects check out Media Arts Center's ongoing workshops.
Epipheo Test Animation
This was the test I created for Epipheo, the company I now work for. I created all assets... Yep that's me on the voiceover. Makes me consider returning to creating my own personal animations AND reminds me how much I hate planes.

Check out more Epipheos!